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Construction projects, whether residential or commercial, can involve untold numbers of contractors working day in and day out for months—sometimes, even years. Sadly, workers are seriously injured and killed on construction sites in Texas every day.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), construction fatalities accounted for one in five work-related deaths in 2019 alone.

A keen understanding of the responsibilities of all involved parties and of all applicable laws and regulations is fundamental to the success of any construction accident claim, which is why it's important to choose a law firm with proven results in these cases.

At Lyons & Simmons, LLP, our Dallas construction accident lawyers work side-by-side with industry experts to recreate the accident and identify any facts that a judge or jury must understand in order to assess liability and damages. Our firm the resources and tools necessary to see through the smoke and mirrors of the opposition and obtain the best possible result for our clients.

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Why You Need a Legal Advocate in Your Corner

As construction accident lawyers in Dallas, our job is to watch out for your long-term interests. You’re dealing with an injury that could affect your ability to make a living for the rest of your life—your compensation should reflect that. Unfortunately, you’re facing an insurance company whose job is to settle your case for as little money as possible.

If they’ve given you an offer that seems generous, consider that they may be offering a settlement knowing that a jury trial might yield a far higher award. Having a lawyer on your side pressures your employer to offer you a far more honest sum or face costly litigation. In other words, having a lawyer puts power squarely in your hands.

Lyons & Simmons: Texas Construction Accident Lawyers

Who Can Be Held Liable for a Construction Accident?

In a construction accident, multiple parties may potentially be held liable for the injuries suffered. Some of the parties that could be found liable include:

  • Employers: The construction company or contractor in charge of the project may be held responsible for ensuring a safe working environment, providing proper training, and complying with safety regulations.
  • Property Owners: If the accident occurred on property owned by someone other than the employer, such as the project owner or a third party, they may be held accountable for maintaining a safe premises and addressing any hazards.
  • Subcontractors: If a subcontractor or their employees contributed to the accident through negligence or unsafe practices, they may share liability for the injuries sustained.
  • Equipment Manufacturers: If a defective or malfunctioning equipment or machinery caused the accident, the manufacturer or supplier of that equipment could be held responsible.
  • Architects and Engineers: If the accident resulted from a design flaw or engineering error, the professionals responsible for the project's design may be liable for the injuries.

Determining liability in a construction accident can be complex and requires a thorough investigation. This is why you should always consult with an experienced construction accident attorney who can evaluate your case and help identify the parties responsible for your injuries.

Get the compensation you deserve. Contact our Dallas construction accident lawyers at (844) 297-8898 for a free case evaluation.

    Types of Accidents on Construction Sites in Texas & Throughout the U.S.

    With hands-on occupations like construction work, there are several ways a job can go wrong and cause a serious injury. Even as a bystander, construction sites can be extremely dangerous.

    Construction accidents happen for a number of reasons, including malfunctioning equipment, inadequate worker training, poor management, and carelessness. Whatever the reason, construction accidents do happen, and they can be extremely damaging, or even life-threatening.

    Common construction accidents include:

    • Falls: Construction workers often work from extreme heights on scaffolding, planks, platforms, or high buildings. When working from such heights, it a worker is inadequately secured, he or she could fall and be seriously injured.
    • Slip & Fall Accidents - A fall from any height can be very damaging, especially at a construction site where hazardous tools and materials litter the area. A misplaced tool, unsecured cord, or loose board could cause a serious fall and may result in severe injuries.
    • Falls from Scaffolding - Workers usually spend a lot of time on ladders, rooftops, or scaffolding. Falls from such heights can lead to catastrophic injuries.
    • Falling Debris There is a reason construction sites require protective headgear. Falling debris is quite common. When workers are stationed high above the ground, debris, tools, and materials can easily slip and strike someone below. Likewise, debris from machinery and construction vehicles can become loose and may strike bystanders and workers below.
    • Heavy Machinery Accidents - If tractors, cranes, lifts, drills, or other machinery and tools malfunction, it could be extremely dangerous and damaging. Sometimes this could be an operator error, or it might indicate a manufacturing or design problem.
    • Work Site Vehicle Accidents - Accidents that involve the transport of construction materials are sadly very common.
    • Backover & Crushing Accidents - Following safety precautions for construction projects is essential due to the high risk of crushing injuries caused by heavy machinery.
    • Becoming Stuck or Trapped: Construction work often includes the use of heavy machinery, tools, and materials. Sometimes workers can become stuck under heavy objects or wedged between large or immovable parts. Sometimes these types of injuries result in broken bones or even amputation.
    • Overexertion: Working for long hours in sometimes brutal conditions can easily take a toll on the body. Construction workers can sometimes become overexerted if they are not allowed adequate breaks, are not supplied with water, or are forced to work in harsh heat or cold.
    • Electrocutions: When construction crews work on a building or home, they are usually around open wires and other dangerous materials. If electricians are not careful, or if safety measures are not properly followed, construction workers and bystanders could be electrocuted.
    • Respiratory / Occupational Disease Injuries from Chemicals: Construction sites often see numerous chemicals and materials, some of which could be toxic or otherwise dangerous. If you are exposed to dangerous chemicals on a construction site, you could suffer from chemical exposure, or the chemicals could cause a burn, or might react with surrounding materials to cause a fire or other damaging problem.

    At Lyons & Simmons, we understand that all construction worker injury cases are unique. Cases may involve failures to adhere to certain safety regulations—such as those required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)—or from the improper supervision of construction workers who are tasked with important and dangerous job duties.

    Common Causes of Construction Accidents

    Construction accidents can result from a combination of various contributing factors, often involving a breakdown in safety protocols or lapses in sound judgment.

    Common contributing factors to construction accidents include:

    • Human Error: Mistakes or errors in judgment by workers or supervisors can contribute to accidents, especially when proper procedures are not followed.
    • Lack of Training: Inadequate training for workers on the proper use of equipment, tools, and safety procedures can contribute to accidents.
    • Poor Communication: Communication breakdowns between workers, supervisors, and other stakeholders can lead to misunderstandings and unsafe practices on the construction site.
    • Insufficient Planning: Inadequate planning or rushed project schedules may overlook crucial safety measures, leading to a higher risk of accidents.
    • Inadequate Supervision: Lack of proper supervision can result in workers not following safety protocols or engaging in risky behavior.
    • Faulty Equipment: Use of defective or improperly maintained tools and equipment can increase the likelihood of accidents.
    • Unsafe Working Conditions: Failure to address and mitigate hazardous working conditions, such as inadequate lighting, poor ventilation, or cluttered work areas, can contribute to accidents.
    • Lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Failure to provide or enforce the use of appropriate PPE, such as hard hats, gloves, and safety goggles, increases the risk of injuries.
    • Fatigue: Long working hours or lack of adequate breaks can lead to fatigue, impairing concentration and increasing the chances of accidents.
    • Subcontractor Issues: Inconsistencies in communication and coordination among subcontractors can result in conflicts and unsafe practices on the construction site.
    • Inadequate Risk Assessment: Failure to conduct thorough risk assessments before starting a project, and routine refreshers throughout, can lead to preventable hazards and accidents.
    • Lack of Emergency Response Planning: Inadequate preparation for emergencies, such as fires or medical incidents, can exacerbate the consequences of accidents.
    • Non-compliance with Regulations: Failure to comply with local, state, and federal safety regulations and standards increases the risk of accidents.
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