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Fires and explosions can lead to devastating losses to both life and property. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling cases involving life-changing fires and explosions across the United States involving drilling rig accidents, chemical spills, house fires, gas explosions, lithium ion batteries and allegations of equipment or product failures.

Identifying the cause and potential liability associated with a fire or explosion can be extremely specific and requires a thorough understanding of complicated sciences. Sometimes, the apparent cause may seem obvious at the outset, but a targeted investigation may yield information contrary to what is initially believed to be the case.

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Burn Cell Studies

Part of our strategy at Lyons & Simmons, LLP involves recreating accident scenes in order to show a judge or jury how the fire/explosion happened and how it affected our client. Here you’ll see photos of “burn cell” studies, where we’ve recreated rooms to help model a fire event. in order to provide a visual indicator of the cause and spread of the fire.

11-103-EPH-D Smith Room Burn 4-17-14-009 11-103-EPH-D Smith Room Burn 4-17-14-062

11-103-EPH-D Smith Room Burn 4-17-14-033 dumpster on fire

To best understand how a fire started or what caused an explosion, we know what it takes to acquire and present evidence to a judge or jury—even if it means we must recreate the entire situation, such as when we obtained an identical trailer home to the one involved in a multiple-fatality fire and burned it to the ground so the jury could see with their own eyes how the evidence supported our client’s position. By demonstrating how the fire propagated, we were able to establish that our theories about how the fire started were correct. Let us put our innovative ideas to work for you in your fire or explosion case.

Common Causes of Fires & Explosions

Fires and explosions can be caused by various factors, and understanding these common causes is crucial for prevention.

Here are some common reasons for fires and explosions:

  • Electrical Issues: Faulty wiring, electrical appliances, or overloaded circuits can lead to electrical fires. Short circuits or damaged electrical components can cause sparks that ignite flammable substances.
  • Cooking Accidents: Unattended stoves and ovens, grease fires, and overheating in the kitchen are common causes of residential fires. Defective appliances can contribute to accidents.
  • Heating Equipment: Malfunctioning or poorly maintained heating systems, such as furnaces and space heaters, can lead to fires. Ignition of flammable materials near heating sources is also a risk.
  • Smoking: Careless smoking, like discarding lit cigarettes improperly, especially indoors or near flammable materials, can result in fires.
  • Flammable Liquids and Gases: Improper storage, handling, or use of flammable liquids and gases can lead to explosions. Leaks, spills, or ignition sources in areas with these substances pose a high risk.
  • Combustible Dust: Certain industrial environments, like manufacturing or processing plants, can accumulate combustible dust. Ignition of this dust can result in explosions, particularly in confined spaces.
  • Chemical Reactions: In industrial settings, incompatible chemicals or incorrect mixing can lead to explosions. Lack of proper storage and handling procedures increases the risk of chemical-related incidents.
  • Equipment Failure: Mechanical failures or malfunctions in machinery, especially those involving friction or overheating, can cause fires. Regular maintenance and inspection are essential to prevent equipment-related incidents.
  • Sparks and Open Flames: Sparks from welding, cutting, or grinding operations can ignite nearby flammable materials. Open flames in areas with flammable substances pose a significant fire hazard.
  • Human Error: Accidental actions, negligence, or lack of awareness can contribute to fires and explosions. Training and adherence to safety protocols are essential to minimize human-related risks.
  • Natural Disasters: Events such as lightning strikes, earthquakes, or wildfires can also lead to fires. Proper planning and mitigation strategies are crucial to address natural disaster-related fire risks.

Who is Liable for a Fire or Explosion?

Determining liability for a fire or explosion involves a careful examination of the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Liability can vary based on the specific details, but generally, the following parties may be held responsible:

  • Individuals: Individuals who cause a fire or explosion through negligence, recklessness, or intentional misconduct may be held personally liable. Examples include a person who starts a fire through careless smoking, reckless use of fire-related equipment, or intentional arson.
  • Property Owners: Property owners may be held liable if the fire or explosion is caused by unsafe conditions on their premises. Failure to maintain electrical systems, heating equipment, or proper fire safety measures could contribute to owner liability.
  • Businesses and Employers: Employers and businesses may be held responsible for fires or explosions that occur in their facilities due to inadequate safety measures or negligence. This includes improper storage of flammable materials, lack of training and supervision, or failure to maintain equipment.
  • Manufacturers: If a fire or explosion is caused by a defective product, the manufacturer or distributor of that product may be held liable. This applies to faulty appliances, equipment, or components that contribute to the incident.
  • Contractors and Construction Companies: Construction-related fires or explosions may lead to liability for contractors or construction companies if the incident is linked to poor workmanship, code violations, or inadequate safety measures and supervision.
  • Utilities: Utility companies may be held liable if a fire or explosion is caused by issues related to gas lines, electrical systems, or other utility infrastructure. Negligence in prevention, maintenance, repair, or response to reported issues may contribute to utility liability.

Determining liability involves a thorough investigation, often conducted by fire investigators, law enforcement, and other relevant experts. In a lawsuit, the responsible party or parties may be held accountable for damages, injuries, or other consequences resulting from the fire or explosion. It's important to consult with experienced attorneys to navigate the complexities of these cases.

Handling All Types of Fire & Explosion Cases

At Lyons & Simmons, LLP, our lawyers work with first responders, law enforcement, and industry leaders and experts to assess and evaluate each fire or explosion so our clients have a clear understanding of what happened, why, and what it means for the purposes of liability and damages. We have access to some of the nation’s most respected origin and cause experts, electrical engineers, and metallurgical engineers who testify in cases that involve serious fire and explosion issues. By utilizing the right team of professionals, we have a track record of aggressive and intelligent case development in these cases.

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