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Over the past decade, registered motorcycles in Texas have more than doubled, which has unfortunately increased the number of accidents as well. According to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDot), at least 496 motorcyclists (both operators and passengers) were killed in Texas in 2016, an increase over the 459 motorcyclist deaths in 2015. The statistics also have one other alarming number—of those killed last year, 53% of them were reportedly not wearing a helmet.

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Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

As bikers know, most injuries and accidents that occur to them are caused by the negligence of other drivers. Thousands are injured in Texas every year, mostly because of automobiles or truck drivers that fail to yield the right of way to motorcyclists. Far too often, drivers fail to see motorcycles on the road because of their relatively small size, and when they do see them, they don’t treat them like they would other vehicles.

Some of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents in Texas include:

  • Speeding
  • Drunk driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Texting while driving
  • Failing to check blind spots
  • Tailgating
  • Drivers making unsafe left hand turns
  • Poorly maintained roads
  • Defective motorcycle parts

When an accident occurs, motorcyclists can suffer some serious injuries, including broken bones, lost limbs, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, and even death. Unlike those riding in cars, motorcycle riders have little to protect them when they crash. Even if they wear a helmet, it is still possible for them to suffer a traumatic brain injury by the sheer force of the impact with their head. A motorcyclist can also suffer severe friction burns by being dragged along the road for a distance or thermal burns, which occur when a ruptured fuel tank catches fire.

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