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Courtroom Innovations & Technology

Sometimes the difference between winning and losing at trial can come down to whether or not the jury understands your case. The attorneys of Lyons & Simmons, LLP know this is especially true when dealing with complex, complicated medical, mechanical, or scientific evidence in the courtroom and that effectively conveying these facts sometimes requires creative messaging. A medical record alone may not create an understanding that the child who may appear and sound “normal” actually suffers from a serious, debilitating brain injury. Our lawyers have a proven track record of going the extra mile to develop trial presentations that utilize innovative and creative technology to best illustrate the cause and extent of the injury in order to get the best possible results for our clients.

  • Customized Legal Strategies

    No two cases are exactly alike. We provide each of our clients with customized legal strategies and litigation solutions tailored to their unique needs.

  • Aggressive Representation

    Our highly skilled trial lawyers are fearless about going to battle for our clients. When the opposition pushes back, we push back harder. We are determined to end your case with the best possible result.

  • A National Reputation

    Our firm has successfully tried life-altering wrongful death and personal injury cases throughout Texas and nationwide. We have earned a reputation for taking on—and winning—complex, high-exposure cases.

  • Client-Focused Attention

    As a boutique law firm, you receive personalized attention from attorneys with the resources you would expect from a large law firm. Our mission is to provide representation on par with, if not better than, that of any corporation and give you the best chance to win in the civil justice system.

Advanced imaging

Especially in accident and injury cases, advanced imaging is a crucial component in our arsenal of trial materials. We utilize a number of different imaging techniques to drive a case home, including: MRIs (magnetic resonance imaging), X-rays, CT (computer tomography) scans, SPECT (single photon emission computed tomography) scans, DTI (diffusion tensor imaging), and PET (positron emission tomography).

Trial Illustrations

Engaging Trial Animations for Clear Case Presentations

Trial animations can be incredibly impactful if used properly. Sometimes a concept or complex scenario is described, but only a picture can shed light on what really happened. Having the ability to show and explain a client’s position using trial animations is a compelling way to get the point across. Understanding the proper way to create and utilize these tools is just as important as putting together the evidence that supports them. Often times, a creative animation can be the difference in having a successful outcome at trial.

Visual Aids for Effective Jury Communication

Presenting information that a jury can see and understand is so critical to a good outcome at trial. Whether it's understanding the gravity of a particular injury or ascertaining how an accident sequence occurred, proper illustrations that call the jury, judge or arbitrator's attention to what's important in a way that is impactful is a critical component to our trial teams. Here are some examples of our trial illustrations.


Interactive Trial Demonstrations

Power Point presentations are an integral part of the trial materials used by the attorneys of Lyons & Simmons. When difficult concepts or complex factors are involved in a case, a Power Point presentation is sometimes the most effective way we have to convey information in a compelling, easy-to-digest manner. Being able to illustrate technical expert testimony to a jury greatly increases understanding and strengthens your case.

Trial Animations

Providing You With the Tools for Success
Oil-Rig Accident
Subdural Injection
Lateral - Intradural Injection
  • Oil-Rig Accident
  • Subdural Injection
  • Lateral - Intradural Injection

Diffuse Tensor Imaging &
Advanced Imaging Techniques

One of the biggest hurdles brain injury victims have in personal injury and products liability cases is quantifying the degree of injury to the jury. If a jury can’t feel or discern the extent of a person’s injuries, they are less inclined to award damages. We have effectively utilized cutting-edge advanced imaging techniques such as diffuse tensor imaging, or DTI, in cases involving brain injuries. With this technology, a jury can confirm for themselves that the individual has suffered injuries throughout the brain, such as in the case of the example provided. When paired with a history of trauma and an absence of further explanation, this evidence has become the gold standard for confirming brain injuries.

Courtroom Warriors for Their Client

The trial attorneys at Lyons & Simmons have a reputation for trying complex cases on the biggest stage for their clients. When the deck is stacked against their clients, they turn to the resources, experience and tenacity that has made the firm successful and nationally recognized by its peers. Lyons & Simmons has earned a reputation for utilizing technology and ingenuity to connect with juries, judges and arbitrators to give their clients a decided advantage regardless of the opponent.

    Lyons & Simmons quickly became the glue that held our family together.

    “Lyons & Simmons quickly became the glue that held our family together.”

    - Kelsy
    Staff Was Exceptional & Professional

    “They handled my case with such professionalism that I was very much at ease. I didn’t feel like just a case number or just another client. They were very family oriented which made me feel that they put my family first.”

    - Dianna W.
    Instrumental in Resolving Matters!

    “Michael Lyons, Chris Simmons, and the entire team at Lyons & Simmons have been instrumental in resolving matters over the years with the utmost expertise, professionalism, responsiveness, and care leading to results in my best interest.”

    - Cade M.
    We Are Forever Grateful!

    “Mike Lyons and his team were amazing to work with! He brought us such a great amount of hope in the midst of a difficult situation.”

    - Chelsie H.
    Brilliant Strategist and a Fearless Fighter for Justice

    “Mr. Lyons's predictions regarding the outcome of my case and the timeline were spot on. I was never misled or put on the back burner. He always responded to my questions in a very clear and honest way. He comes highly recommended!”

    - Amy B.

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