Diffuse Tensor Imaging & Advanced Imaging Techniques

One of the biggest hurdles brain injury victims have in personal injury and products liability cases is quantifying the degree of injury to the jury. If a jury can’t feel or discern the extent of a person’s injuries, they are less inclined to award damages. We have effectively utilized cutting-edge advanced imaging techniques such as diffuse tensor imaging or DTI in cases involving brain injuries. With this technology, a jury can confirm that an individual has no injury and should not be awarded damages for a significant brain injury or, alternatively, such as in the case of the example provided, that the individual has suffered injuries throughout the brain. When paired with a history of trauma and an absence of further explanation, this evidence has become the gold standard for confirming brain injuries. You can click on the player to see a 3-D rendering of the brain made by DTI.

Trial Animations

Trial animations can be incredibly impactful if used properly. Sometimes a concept or complex scenario is described, but only a picture can shed light on what really happened. Having the ability to show and explain a client’s position using trial animations is a compelling way to get the point across. Understanding the proper way to create and utilize these tools is just as important as putting together the evidence that supports them. Often times, a creative animation can be the difference in having a successful outcome at trial.

Trial Illustrations

Presenting information that a jury can see and understand is so critical to a good outcome at trial. Whether it's understanding the gravity of a particular injury or ascertaining how an accident sequence occurred, proper illustrations that call the jury, judge or arbitrator's attention to what's important in a way that is impactful is a critical component to our trial teams. Here are some examples of our trial illustrations.

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Lyons & Simmons, LLP: Trial Materials

Courtroom Innovations & technology

Sometimes the difference between winning and losing at trial can be as simple as making sure the jury understands your case. Complex cases and complex issues call for effective use of technological tools the jury can use to create a winning result. Lyons & Simmons, LLP believes effective representation requires effective presentation in the courtroom. Understanding complicated medical science, engineering, or a complicated economic analysis is much more easily distilled when it’s broken down into usable component parts. Helping a jury understand that a child who may appear normal and sound normal suffers from a serious, debilitating brain injury can’t always be communicated with a medical record. Our lawyers have a proven track record of going the extra mile to develop trial presentations that utilize innovative and creative technology in the courtroom to get the best possible results for our clients.

Truck Wreck

Car accidents happen in the blink of an eye, which is an unfortunate element when juries are attempting to ascertain the cause of injury or death. It is no different in this case, in which a fatality occurred due to the negligence of another’s hasty actions. With our advanced visual technology, we can display the reality of the situation and allow the jury to make a decision based on indisputable facts. So much can be uncertain or unclear in car accident cases, which is why our trial animations are a useful tool in illuminating the details of the situation. Our impactful visual presentation of the case will offer a comprehensive solution to a wavering jury, allowing our clients’ story to be told in an efficient and effective manner. Juries are then able to precisely decide the true cause of death, holding the guilty parties responsible for their negligence or fault. Click on the player to view our advanced imaging technique of this tragic accident.

Oilfield Accident

It is quite difficult for juries to truly visualize the gruesome injuries or deaths that so often befall employees of various hazardous industries, such as drilling, construction, etc. We believe one of the optimal ways of pursuing justice on our clients’ behalf is to provide a visual representation of our case, particularly in instances of the tragic and untimely deaths of workers. It is with this evidence that we are correctly exhibit the true cause of one’s death. Thanks to our incredibly detailed, professional, and informative trial animations, we are able to offer an impactful representation of our client’s position during the time of injury. Through highlighting the various workplace safety violations, which so often lead to injury or wrongful death, our legal team is able to display the truly dangerous impact of head injuries, catastrophic falls, and forceful blows. Click on the corresponding player to observe this particular situation first-hand.

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Trying a case in court, setting it up for success from the start, fighting for the ultimate verdict – these are practices many attorneys shy away from; but not at Lyons & Simmons, LLP. We are uniquely positioned in terms of what we do here: We are trial lawyers who step into a case and adapt ourselves to the unique needs of the situation at hand. We are ready to do exactly this for you. Contact us today to learn more.

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