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Our construction litigation lawyers have obtained incredible results for our clients, founded on our extensive experience handling business disputes in a variety of situations.

Dallas Construction Litigation Attorneys

Cost-Effective Solutions to Texas Construction Disputes

Disputes in the construction process come in all shapes and sizes. Builders encounter problems with property owners, developers encounter problems with general contractors, contractors encounter problems with vendors...the list goes on.

Lyons & Simmons, LLP represents owners, builders, contractors, developers, suppliers, and vendors in residential, commercial, and industrial construction disputes.

Get Serious Representation for Serious Construction Cases

Whether you are a residential landowner or a general contractor with offices across the United States, our legal team is experienced in all facets of construction litigation.

We can represent clients involving in the following:

The construction litigation lawyers at our firm provide representation to clients in Dallas, throughout Texas, and nationwide. We are your source for highly-rated, respected legal representation in construction disputes and litigation.

Nationwide Construction Dispute Lawyers

Construction litigation can be complex, heated, and costly. You cannot afford to go through this time without a battle-tested and trial-ready lawyer. That is what you will find at Lyons & Simmons, LLP. Our Dallas construction litigation attorneys have years of hands-on experience in and out of the courtroom resolving such matters. They bring diverse perspectives to every case, balanced by tailored representation. Our clients are always confident that their case will be given the attention and resources it needs to succeed.

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When the Result Means Everything
  • Customized Legal Strategies

    No two cases are exactly alike. We provide each of our clients with customized legal strategies and litigation solutions tailored to their unique needs.

  • Aggressive Representation

    Our highly skilled trial lawyers are fearless about going to battle for our clients. When the opposition pushes back, we push back harder. We are determined to end your case with the best possible result.

  • A National Reputation

    Our firm has successfully tried life-altering wrongful death and personal injury cases throughout Texas and nationwide. We have earned a reputation for taking on—and winning—complex, high-exposure cases.

  • Client-Focused Attention

    As a boutique law firm, you receive personalized attention from attorneys with the resources you would expect from a large law firm. Our mission is to provide representation on par with, if not better than, that of any corporation and give you the best chance to win in the civil justice system.